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Officers Row, Marshall House Vancouver wedding photographer


Officers Row outside the Portland area is a great wedding location. Weddings are spectacular in these historic large homes and beautifully landscaped areas. With 13 years experience as a candid wedding photographer in the Portland / Vancouver area, we would love to travel to Vancouver and be your photographer at the Officers Row.

George C. Marshall House

Built in 1886, this Queen Anne Victorian replaced the Grant House as home for the commanding officer of the Department of the Columbia. The Marshall House enjoyed wide popularity in the 1880s and '90s as the center for sophisticated social activities in local military and civic circles. George C. Marshall was commanding officer at Vancouver Barracks from 1936-38. While here, Marshall resided in the house that now bears his name. Marshall later became U.S. Army Chief of Staff during World War II, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense. He authored the Marshall Plan, which helped rebuild the economies of Western Europe and the Pacific Nations after World War II. General Marshall was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953 in recognition of these efforts. Today, the Marshall House is decorated with antiques from the 1880s and houses a Victorian Gift Shop. It is open to the public and can be reserved for conferences, public ceremonies and social gatherings. Call 693-3103 for more information.

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Marshall House

1301 officers Row

Vancouver WA 98661



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