While we strive to make the most clear and heartfelt pictures possible, we will not do so at the expense of your patience or sanity. Your enjoyment and peace of mind are our top priority.

When ever possible, we work in a candid, unobtrusive manner - blending in with the crowd. As much as we like to think of ourselves as great people, we don't feel your wedding is the place for us to extend our personalities - we remain unobnoxious.

Large group shots and formals are taken swiftly. We really move along. Another benefit of this speed is the effect it has on people's expressions. No one looks good if they are asked to stand around. This is not to say we rush, only that we work very efficiently. Good pictures and a good time had by all.

Since 1989 we have photographed hundreds of Northwest weddings. We still love being at celebrations, using our cameras to help people remember their day. Please feel free to give us a call - seven days a week - to see if we have the day you are thinking of open.


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