Double Prints This gives you two of everything right away. No need to make reprints for the folks. This also allows you to keep a set of prints that will never be given away. We are often asked to provide more than two sets, just add $20 to each additional set.

Studio Lighting If you are planning on having the majority of formal pictures taken indoors we highly recommend that you have us use lights. It fills an otherwise dark room with brightness, and is really the only way to go.

Three Hour Option If you require our services for three or less hours, then this is the way to go. The base fee is then reduced to $600

Estimated Amount of rolls We talk with you and come up with an estimated amount of rolls that we will shoot at your wedding. We shoot an average of nine rolls, sometimes more than fifteen, but no less than six. You can also choose to have more shot the day of the event. You make the call, but keep in mind, that the more we shoot, the better your album of select pictures will look.
To see sample weddings of different sizes and costs, click here

Digital services - In short, we will give you CD's and your own website with all of your wedding photos posted online. Great for sharing with people out of town. (they can also order prints online, a pretty cool deal) read more here...



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