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We have been photographing with traditional film based German made cameras for 15 years. There is no question that film based photography is the highest quality picture. But as for convenience, digital photography has many positive points.

We have an answer that uses the best of both worlds - We photograph with film cameras, then make scans of all your wedding photos. After your wedding day, in addition to receiving prints of every photo we take and the negatives, you will have a secure website where friends and family can both view pictures and if they so desire, get prints made and mailed to them.

Our brides and grooms send out an email with a link to the online album we have made for them and your people from around the world can see pictures of your celebration. Below is a link to a sample wedding album.

If you visit the sample site, be sure to use the viewer's slide show, as it is a wonderful way to kick back and watch pictures flash a story without lifting a finger.

If one chooses to order a print from the website, a lab in seattle prints the file onto real, archival photographic paper, and sends it out the same day. Currently the prices are 45 cents for a 4x6 inch print and 95 cents for a 5 x 7 inch print. You should use your negatives for any prints larger than 5x7.


We are offering this service for an additional $10 each roll we shoot. Please feel free to call with any questions regarding our digital services.

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